Andrei Shmatkov Russian translations and software localization


English-Russian hockey glossary

Recently worked on a Russian hockey translation. For this project I prepared a Russian hockey glossary based on the Wikipedia article and Sochi-2014 terminology glossary. The file is available here. The Excel file can be easily imported into any terminology management tool.


Russian version

Finally added a Russian version to my website. The original English page was up like 7 years ago, so it took me quite a while to do it. I translated so many websites for my clients, but don't have time for my own... As the proverb says: "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot" ("Сапожник всегда без сапог" in Russian). Besides, the site definitely needs some re-design - it was nice and neat back in 2006, but it looks like a dinosaur now. Well, someday...


Apple glossaries in different languages

In August this year Apple released glossaries (actually translations of strings from OS X Mountain Lion and iOS) for different languages, including Russian. The strings are available here: You need to have an Apple Developer account - just a simple registration process with no strings attached. The downloaded file has a .dmg extension. Currently I work on a Windows PC, so I had to ask my son to extract actual .lg files, as he has access to Macbook. Then I turned to my favorite terminology tool - Apsic Xbench. First I prepared files by changing their extensions to .ad. Just a couple of clicks (choose Mac OS X glossary in Xbench) and here it is - I can search translated strings!


All the truth about translators

Always knew that translators are very important in this world and here is another proof! :) This video is in Russian, but has English subtitles. Please please do not take it seriously, I hope it will make you smile!