International Translation Day

Today my colleagues around the globe celebrate the International Translation day. Of course, I also accept congratulations and, in my turn, express my best wishes to translators, interpreters, terminologists, editors, proofreaders and other professionals, who dedicated themselves to a noble mission of breaking language barriers and establishing communication between people. Why is this holiday celebrated on September 30th?
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Website redesign

I finally completed a long overdue redesign of my site.  I would like to take this opportunity and share how this site first  appeared.

Back in 2006, I helped one of my friends to translate texts for his website.  To return a favor, he offered me a domain name and some space on his server. I had some basic knowledge of HTML, so I decided to set up a website of my own. Dreamweaver template, couple hours of work and in February of 2007 I published the first version of my site. At that time, domain was already taken, so I went for (a couple of years later became available, I grabbed it, and now the site is accessible through both domains).
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Russian to English or English to Russian – does it make any diffference?

I guess I owe a little explanation to my current and prospective clients. As loudly and proudly declared almost a year ago, I became a certified translator in British Columbia and, by association, across Canada. However, when asked to provide a certified translation from Russian to English, I have to say “no”, because I am only certified in the English to Russian language pair. Yes, the direction of languages does matter here. Getting certification in each language pair involves a separate process of proving your experience and expertise, as well as passing an exam.
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Got exam results back – I am a certified Russian translator now!

I can proudly present myself as a certified Russian translator :)

A little follow-up on one of my earlier posts. Last week got back results of the certification exam I took back on May 3rd in Vancouver.  I passed, so I am a certified Russian translator now! From now on I am legally entitled to certify documents translated from English into Russian for various authorities in British Columbia and other parts of Canada.
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